TOP 10 best stabilizers (steadicams) for a smartphone: 2021 rating.

TOP 10 best stabilizers (steadicams) for Electrical Cables Wires-Manual | PDF | Friction | Electrical Conductor a smartphone: 2021 rating.

What is Electric Stabilizer for Smartphones? What is a stabilizer for smartphones for? What is the best stabilizer for smartphones and why? How to choose and buy a stabilizer for your phone? Is the gimbal and the steadicam the same thing?

We studied all the subtleties of devices, compared different models of companies and prepared a rating of the best stabilizers (steadicams) for smartphones in 2021.

Why do you need a stabilizer for a smartphone.

Cameras of modern smartphones have a matrix of more than 12 megapixels, wide-angle lenses and smart image processing systems. But even these technical features of phones will not help to make a beautiful and smooth video that you want to review or post on the Internet.

Electric stabilizers for smartphones, or as they are called, stadikams, are called upon to help in shooting a cinematic video. An indispensable gadget for bloggers, professional journalists and travelers, stadikam smoothes user movements and shaking hands while recording video on a smartphone.

Most gimbals are equipped with a 3-axis gimbal that uses three motors to eliminate video shake. Even if you move quickly or shoot a dynamic target, the stabilizer for your smartphone will significantly improve the quality of your recording, help you make competent framing and save time on retakes.

In addition to the main function – stabilization and alignment of the video image, stadikam offer users various shooting modes. Thanks to them, you can create unique content and feel like a real operator of a Hollywood movie.

These modes include: automatic target acquisition, slow mo, time- and motionlapse, panoramas 3 * 3 and others. The price of stabilizers in online stores is in the range of 6,000 – 16,000 rubles.

How to choose a stabilizer for your smartphone.

Steadicams cannot be called a complex technique, nevertheless, before buying, you should study the characteristics in order to choose the optimal model for your phone:

Weight. The question of buying an electric stabilizer for a smartphone is faced by those who shoot a lot of video for a long time. To keep your hands from getting tired, the steadicam should be lightweight – within 400 grams. More bulky models certainly have better stabilization, but they are more difficult to control;

Maximum load and attachment. It is worth evaluating the dimensions of the phone and comparing them with the dimensions of the mounts. The latter must firmly and securely fix the smartphone. The weight of the phone should not exceed the permissible value of the steadicam, otherwise the gadget will not work correctly when stabilizing the video;

Number of stabilization axes. The best steadicams have 3 axes, which allows them to control the movement of the smartphone in all planes;

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