I was unmarried for a long time now, and only discover one butch hetero woman in a happy union

I was unmarried for a long time now, and only discover one butch hetero woman in a happy union

My personal ex-not-quite-MIL who is nevertheless a friend 🙂 she actually is become happily hitched 42 years now. Short-cropped tresses, huge out-of-doors lover, really no-nonsense and sincere. I adore the girl. Have had three connections myself personally, one long-term (the only one I contact „ex”, the two people only lasted a couple of months). Thank-you for any question, pleased to see the additional responders as well. uploaded by fraula

My husband and I both had the bad luck to fall for a bunch of not-out gay everyone before we discovered both, so sometimes it happens the other ways around also

I got a nurse for weekly just who I thought had been clearly a transgendered man-to-woman (not that they mattered), but afterwards discovered she had been usually a woman, merely incredibly masculine, and had been joyfully hitched to a far more masculine people.

(I am not saying certain that my personal information we have found accordingly painful and sensitive enough, but I attempted my personal better.)

Was required to be sure this is maybe not my better half. Yes, the vast majority of items upthread. posted by tchemgrrl

My personal mommy is fairly butch, in a hippy method, and also a male spouse (he’s bi, but some earlier men have already been right). Should you decide require stories about when she was a student in school, exactly how awful it actually was getting obligated to don gowns try upwards on top of the list (before strolling both methods constant into the accumulated snow, even). She has one tunic-like gown, which she wore to the house much inside my child’s hyper-feminine period. (Li’l Epps* refused to don trousers, also under gowns, from get older 2 – 3, citing that „she had been a girl” and disbelieving my „but we put trousers and was additionally a female” arguments.) She is likely towards wear men’s room denim jeans and tees, doesn’t put on makeup or shave, and wears their locks rather quick. I don’t know if it is a hippy thing, or being in Pacific Northwest, where hiking gadgets is always acceptable, or it’s simply what exactly is most comfortable to wear and just what else can you care about, but In my opinion it really is rather common around right here.

I have bounced about a whole lot regarding the girly to masculine presentation. I became wearing khakis and button-down shirts when I was dating in college, with short hair, together with no difficulty internet dating guys (a lot more issues matchmaking girls, but that might have-been more of a small dating pool complications). I love female clothes as well, nonetheless think similar to I’m undertaking pull or putting on a costume from inside the fairy wings sense. I am wearing most elegant apparel the last few decades and it is a lot of fun, but never ever rather will get extra believable it’s real garments and I’m not for some reason obtaining out with putting on a tutu and tiara in.

This description additionally meets nearly all the woman friends, homosexual, direct, or bi, though

I love extraordinary attire with elegant touches on the extent that I do not see harassed, thus I’m very likely to be much more womanly from inside the presence of my hubby or home. (my hubby likes things we put on; the guy only makes a good misogynistic jerk guard.) Strolling outside the house by myself, i am likelier as androgynous. submitted by Margalo Epps

I don’t suit this definition, but also for quite a few years while I was into the military used to do. (Short hair, butch-ish clothing, breasts I attempted to largely suppress). I did not have trouble dating. Absolutely entirely a specific subset of chap that actually values this – like simply bewildered and aggravated by additional thing and discovers makeup products like a terrifying uncanny area.

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